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# 5 Online College for Aspiring Barristers | The College of Counsel

Updated: Mar 13

Educating aspiring barristers
The College of Counsel coming soon.

The first online college and community for aspiring barristers.

The College of Counsel will be launching in 2024 and will be dedicated to supporting future bar students to secure the highest possible grades on the Bar Course and training aspiring barristers to secure pupillage at the Bar.


To tackle the low pass rate students face on the Bar Training Course (53.93% average) and to demystify the pupillage process for aspiring barristers, to increase our candidates' prospects of securing pupillage (10% average).


We are a team of experienced academics and qualified barristers with more than 50 years of collective experience. We will provide tutoring, coaching and two flagship cohort-based courses.


The College of Counsel will provide tutoring, coaching and cohort-based courses. The two flagship courses will be:

Those who register for our waitlists will have the first opportunity to apply to join our pilot cohorts.

Don't forget about these essential aspiring barrister resources:

If you're applying for pupillage don't forget to watch this Pupillage Gateway tutorial 👇

We hope to see you as part of our pilot cohort 🚀



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