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“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give” 
Ben Carson

Bar Course Training Pack

If you need further support for either the Bar Course or with the pupillage process we are launching The College of Counsel. Our faculty will provide tutoring, coaching and cohort-based courses, aimed at supporting aspiring barristers. Those on the waiting list will have the opportunity to join our first pilot cohorts in 2024.

You can access my free bar course training pack below.

Legal Resources

If you need access to more legal resources these have now been migrated to Patreon to support the costs associated with creating content and growing our community. Your support makes a difference in helping me with the costs of creating content and growing our community. I truly appreciate it 💚

Book Notes

A bookshelf of the most influential books I've read so far. For each read, I provide a summary, key lessons and actionable takeaways.

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