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Introducing the

The College of Counsel will be launching in 2024.


To tackle the low pass rate students face on the Bar Training Course (53.93% average) and to demystify the pupillage process for aspiring barristers, to increase our candidates' prospects of securing pupillage (10% average).


We are a team of experienced academics and qualified barristers with more than 50 years of collective experience. We will provide tutoring, coaching and two flagship cohort-based courses.

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Bar Course
Accelerator Programme 

BCAP is a 6-week, cohort-based course, guided by the Bar Standards Board Curriculum and Assessment Strategy.

BCAP is aimed at incoming bar students. However, the Course is also suitable for students who are currently enrolled on the Bar Training Course but require further assistance. 

The curriculum covers each of the 12 modules covered on the Bar Course but provides a simplified and condensed version to facilitate learning by familiarising students with the materials, legal concepts and assessment styles they will encounter and providing them time to integrate the materials before enrolling on the Bar Course. 

Students will benefit from
ebooks, infographics, key summaries, exam question banks and advocacy workshops to ensure the best possible marks during a time-sensitive course.



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Pupillage College
Accelerator Programme 

PCAP is a 4-week, cohort-based course, adopting a comprehensive, structured and tailored approach to guide students through the pupillage process.

PCAP is aimed at aspiring barristers seeking pupillage at the Bar of England and Wales.

The curriculum covers the entire pupillage process including
routes to becoming a barrister, the Bar of England and Wales, education and finance, work experience, preliminaries to pupillage applications, drafting pupillage applications, responding to challenging questions/exercises and preparing for pupillage interviews (first and second round).

Students will be trained to research their ideal Chamber, draft exceptional applications and perform to a high standard at interviews, through mock advocacy assessment, designed to simulate pupillage interviews.


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